When great loss leads to greater gain: John Finger, Ultra Force Staffing Services


“Remember when? 6/26/92 – that sticky note on my desk reminds me daily of the day I lost my job. I told my wife and kids in 30 days I’d be working again,

only to realize it would take another 10 months to regain employment,” said John Finger, Founder and Vice President of Ultra Force Staffing Services. “During this difficult period of unemployment, I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. It was also a time in my life that God used to prepare me for where I am today. He is using me and my story to help others who are going through similar situations.”

Finger, who has been in the staffing industry since May of 1993, has been able to share his story, pray with individuals, and encourage many who have found themselves where he was over 23 years ago. “I have no doubt that God allowed me to go through what I did in order to help others who are victims of unemployment,” he said. “The culture we try and create here allows for our faith to be shared and really love on people who are looking for employment. We pray before staff meetings and functions. When given the opportunity, we try to share our faith with those coming through our doors. We don’t force Jesus on people, but I can’t deny what He’s done in my life and why He’s brought me to this place.”

Ultra Force Staffing Services connects employers and employees across our region with offices in Gastonia, Shelby and Lincolnton. Finger started this business back in 2010 and has not looked back. He said, “Relationships and taking care of people over the years is a priority, which has been a big part of our success. One of the highest compliments is when someone gives us a referral or repeat business. Over the years, this happens because you have built a trusting relationship. In fact, my first client called me 13 years later to find her replacement when she was retiring.”

He referred to Mark 1:35 where Jesus would get up early long before daylight to pray and how that, along with reading a chapter out of the book of Proverbs every day, are things to which he attributes his success. “I rise early, read the Bible, pray, and ask the Lord to bless the day – at times I have even cried. I acknowledge that it is His day and ask Him to guide me and our business. Not only do we pray and offer words of encouragement, but we have helped people – many of whom are the breadwinners of their families – regain employment and at times shift direction for their careers.” John and his family also attend and volunteer at Elevation Church-Gaston campus.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a difficult situation, so remember to trust the Lord and acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path (Proverbs 3:5-6). Whatever hardship you are experiencing may be preparing you for something greater to come.

▪ Connect with John Finger or his team online at ultraforcestaffing.com or email him at john.finger@ultraforcestaffing.com.