Sharing our faith in a Bible illiterate culture

“I don’t believe in the Bible.”

The more we share our faith, the more likely we are to encounter someone who doesn’t believe the Bible is God’s Word. When this happens, you can turn this objection into an opportunity.

At Evangelism Explosion, we use a method called the Judo Technique. Think about a boxer. He meets the blow of an opponent head-on and then tries to overwhelm each blow with counter punches. Well, the judo expert uses the force of his opponent’s blow against him. So, instead of entering into an argument, take the opportunity to share your faith.

Most of the time, people who use this objection have some college education. They believe they have risen above the “fairy tale” stories of the Bible. Don’t be afraid to engage in intellectual discussions. Listen to what the person is saying and then ask pointed questions to lead them to think deeper about their beliefs.

There are a variety of ways to begin a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe the Bible. Compliment their intellect. Reiterate their right to believe as they do, but dig deeper. Ask if they know what the main message of the Bible is or if they know what the Bible teaches about Heaven and Hell. Some may not even believe in eternal life. Confirm that you are not asking them to believe the Bible, but focus on what they think is written.

Most people in this circumstance will respond that they have to earn their way to Heaven or that they have to follow a bunch of rules. At this point, confirm the discrepancy of their belief. “You’ve rejected the Bible without understanding its main message. Would you like to know what the Bible does, in fact, teach, and then you can choose to accept it or reject it?”

You see, by asking questions, the tables have been completely turned. Instead of being superior to the Bible, they find themselves, in fact, misinformed of the basic message of the Bible. Now they must decide whether to listen to the message or knowingly choose to remain in the dark, which is something their intellectual pride will simply not allow.

In most cases, they’ll give you the permission to tell them about the Gospel, and it is at this point that you pray like crazy that the Holy Spirit will take the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, and use it to open their eyes to the need of a Savior.