Never again, really?

Inscribed in the edifice of the National Holocaust Museum in the nation’s capital are the words “Never Again”. It’s both a promise and a warning that our national conscience is such that madmen like those responsible for the world’s greatest genocide are not immune to the accountable wrath of the just. That murder of the collective masses of the innocent will be dealt with. Sadly, we find ourselves in a world where such men still exist in the name of Bashar al-Assad. Evil incarnate. You must trust me when I say that as a lifelong Police Officer, I can attest to the fact that there exists in the fabric of humanity, a strand that is loose. A spot on the garment of decency. For such men, evil is their companion, destruction their namesake and satan their master. They don’t understand love, don’t speak reason and they never stop. Until they are stopped. And a few days ago, a man, a grandfather, a commander in chief sent a shot across their bow to say. We see you. We know you. And if needs be, we will stop you. President Bush said of those who shed blood in our streets or spill it in the sands of the Bible, “we will bring you to justice; or we will bring justice to you”.

Still, we hear the murmurs of dissent. The reminders of eternal restraint. They say we can’t be the world’s judge. I ask, then who? A course will be set. A moral compass consulted. A destination of right action reached. If America wont steer the ship and man the sails, how perilous the journey. How destitute the final mooring. Others contend the devil we know is preferable to the one who takes his place. I submit the current devil has killed 500,000+ and displaced millions of bloody and broken to be born on the love and checkbooks of others. Maybe devil#2 will remember the demise of devil #1. Besides, you kill rabid dogs one at a time. Yet loud, the cry for isolationism, for minding our own business. Not our blood. Not our treasure. Well as the father of three warrior military son’s I know the risk. As the steward of a life and bank account, I don’t deserve. I know the cost. $60 million. That’s how much the Tomahawk cost. America spent more last year on tattoo removal. More on Halloween costumes for their dogs. I say money well spent.

No friends, America was made great for a reason. The biggest kid on the block owes his size to the God that made him and owes his protective service to the lesser kids in the neighborhood (Luke 12:48). I know we can’t save every victim, stop every bully. But now and then the God of the universe calls our name and points His finger at the vile creeping things among us. Then all of heaven watches. America heaven is watching.