More than a conqueror

More than conquerors

Brian Allen’s musical career and More Than Conquerors Ministries have skyrocketed in the six years since he began. It started in prison after years of drug addiction and its consequences caught up to him. There he picked up a guitar while serving his sentence. “I taught myself and started writing songs,” he says. “The time wasn’t easy. I was completely broken. I called out to the Lord to save me. It was cold, snowy, overcrowded. All I had was a blanket on the concrete floor. I remember after I prayed [to Jesus], I got up off my knees and have never been the same again!”

He then turned his newfound musical ability toward purpose in prison ministry. “I felt God calling me to start a ministry.” When he finished his sentence, his options were limited, but God had plans for Allen. He became a youth pastor and worship leader at First Baptist Church of Maggie Valley. He conquered both the odds and the addictions. With his father, Jerry Allen, as president of his prison ministry, Allen left his past behind in hopes to help others through music.

Allen performed in prisons and shared his testimony, but he was surprised that “God had bigger plans.” During the first year, he and his band (More Than Conquerors) performed over 60 events – from pastors’ conferences to youth events.

“God has really accelerated us,” Allen said. His song titled “Your Love” went to #1 on “It talks about God’s love and how it never fails.” Allen prays that he will be able to “live with the faith of Abraham, the courage of David and the wisdom of Solomon.” He strives to honor God first in his music. “We’re a ministry that does music; we’re not a band that happens to do ministry.”

Allen endured additional trials this last year as he faced the loss of a baby and his father, who was “the rock of our family.” How has he been able to conquer these losses? By “leaning heavy on the Lord” and “crying out to the Lord.” He poured a lot of these emotions into his third CD, slated to release later this year.

Allen notes that “God restores.” He and wife Jennifer recently welcomed a new baby into the world. He has also decided to follow another call of God. Since he decided to focus full time on music and step back from his church position, “We are basically living as missionaries.” Allen encourages others to live as more than a conqueror. “God doesn’t want your abilities. He wants your availability.”

Allen’s current CD is Someone To Hold On To. He is available on Facebook: Brian Allen: Music & More Than Conquerors Ministries; Twitter: Brian Allen@ballenmusic; Email:; Website: