Living in the now

I was lunching with a friend recently when she reminded me of some advice I’d given her many years ago. We each needed a brief escape from daily duties that day, so we met at the walking track to exercise our bodies (and our mouths). Here’s what she said . . . “You made a comment that day that has stuck with me all these years, often keeping me from getting derailed and falling into an emotional pit.”

Live in the moment was the advice I’d offered. I’m so glad she had the recall, because I needed a fresh reminder myself. I confess I often step out of “moment living” into planning for and considering what’s to come.  Quite often instead of enjoying the present, I’m focused on the future, so much so that I don’t even give much thought to the moment in front of me. I’m convinced, totally convinced, that this is a plot from the enemy to keep us derailed, distracted, and discouraged. It also keeps us from experiencing great blessings from our Father.

How about you, Friend? Do you “live in the moment” or do you run helter-skelter (physically, emotionally, mentally) instead of focusing on what’s at hand?  Do you totally miss the moment in front of you because your attention has wandered off somewhere else?

Examples: looking at your phone while feeding your baby, cleaning while a friend shares her needs over the phone, planning your grocery list while your child chatters at you, or writing notes or schedules while you’re having a meal.

I’ve often called it “multi-tasking,” but the enemy calls it distraction. If he can keep me distracted, then he’ll keep me in turmoil with a divided mind.  And, he’ll keep me from the special blessing of offering each task by itself to God in worship.

Come on Sister, let’s learn to live in the moment. We can determine together to honor our Lord by giving Him full attention as we offer Him our moments throughout the day. This will make every moment meaningful, worshipful AND peaceful. It probably won’t come easily, for we live in a society of multi-tasking women. But I believe the practice and determination will bring glory to God and peace to us.

Seize the moment.  Keep present in the moment.  Worship in the moment.

“Whatever you do, do it from the heart for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23 CEB