Helping hurting people become whole

Miracle Hill’s mission statement, “Helping Hurting People Become Whole,” has been their heart’s desire since the Great Depression. During that era of despair, many individuals did not know where their next meal would come from. Dr. Paul Beacham, attorney John Henry, and other local businessmen formed a soup kitchen named The Gospel Rescue Mission,which, in turn, created Miracle Hill Ministries, Incorporated.

The shelter now helps hundreds of homeless women, men and children. “The most rewarding aspect of this ministry is being able to watch God move in the lives of the individuals that He brings into our care. From the addict who has lost everything in his or her life to the child who needs someone to love them, God is still in the miracle business. Although helping the homeless, addicted, marginalized and lost can be a hard ministry, every day we see God restoring families, giving freedom, reinstating hope, and changing individual lives for the better,” said Vice President Ryan Duerk.

Miracle Hill operates nine residential shelters that house approximately 600 children and adults every night. “We have one individual, who I will call Frank, who, due to a series of horrible life circumstances, found himself living under a local bridge. This temporary need for shelter and relationship turned into a decade-long struggle into addiction and brokenness. Several staff and volunteers befriended Frank over the course of two years and finally talked him into staying in one of our shelters,” said Durek. “Much like a wounded animal, Frank became fearful and scared experiencing relational compassion and comfort for the first time in years, so he left the mission to return to the bridge. Several weeks later, Frank was beaten unconscious and left for dead by a group of strangers. He found himself in the hospital, and when our staff went to see him, he finally said, ‘I am done. I will do whatever it takes to not live like this anymore.’ A year later, Frank has completed our addiction-recovery program, entered into our ministry trainee program and is now ministering to other individuals just like him. God’s grace and redemption have placed Frank in a place where he gets to share with others how Jesus has changed his life. At Miracle Hill, our facilities are filled with stories like Frank’s.”

Miracle Hill is changing lives and is in need of financial and prayerful support to keep its facilities running and serving the community. Miracle Hill runs because of the dedication of volunteers and the prayers of those who support the ministry. Miracle Hill held its 80th Anniversary Gala this month and celebrated all God has done and is going to do. Visit for more information.