Witnessing in the 21st century

Some people don’t think evangelism works anymore. They believe that going to apartment complexes, knocking on doors, and even paying a visit to people who visit your church is obsolete or wrong. But there’s no expiration date on the Great Commission.

Jesus said in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (v. 19). That doesn’t exclude us today in 2017. If God tells us to go, we can trust Him to provide the people who are ready to listen. While witnessing in the 21st Century may look different than it did 50 years ago, we must not forget that people are still responding to the Gospel. We just need to go.

Baptist Press reported that after Mark Bishop in Kentucky knocked on 200 doors each week, attendance at his church tripled in size, to nearly 300 in just six months. During that time, they baptized 37 new believers. People were shocked that, in a world of social media and text messaging, someone cared enough to stop by their home to talk with them in person.

Another church team in California knocked on Donna’s door after she filled out a visitor’s card.  She and her fiancé Bill were ecstatic. They had been praying for someone to visit them and tell them about God. But until then, not one church they had visited responded. Within three months, they were saved, baptized, and married. Today, they not only attend church regularly, but also are involved in several Bible studies each week.

This summer, Lester decided to visit a newcomer at their church in Oklahoma. When he knocked on the door, the man who answered wasn’t the person he hoped to visit. He had the right apartment number but the wrong building! Lester could have left, frustrated, but he didn’t. Although the man had just come home from work, he was very interested in hearing about God. Before the team left, he prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

Keep in mind, evangelism is much more than knocking on strangers’ doors. Today, more than ever, people are waiting to hear a message of hope. They are in parking lots and in grocery stores. They may come to your door selling supplies or to provide a service in your home. They may even live behind the door of your neighbor’s house.

When we step out in faith and share the Gospel, people will come to know Christ. All it takes is prayer, a clear Gospel presentation, and the confidence to begin that conversation. God will provide the divine appointments. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you go to their doors or they come to yours, share the Gospel with someone you meet today.