Christmas prayer walk

I began a practice years ago that ushered in the joy of Christmas.  I remember the stress that consumed me as I planned out and mentally worked through grocery shopping, present wrapping, sleeping arrangements, and meal/snack preparations for my two sons, their wives, and children. I was in a tizzy before they’d even pulled out of their Nashville and Raleigh homes and besides all of that, I wanted peace and joy to fill every square inch of living space in our home. . . a Christmas Miracle for sure! 

That’s when it occurred to me to take a Prayer Walk through my house. I had enjoyed prayer-walking through my neighborhood and in venues for Frazzled Female conferences, but the idea of praying in each room of my home had never practically occurred to me. Excited over this new prayer challenge, I began. 

The kitchen was first on my list, since food is such a holiday priority. I prayed over table-top conversations and meal preparations. I asked my Father to help me create foods that were healthy and enjoyable, and also eats that were fun and different from the usual in their own homes. I pictured our crowd gathered together and full of joy. 

Then I stepped into our family room where our decorated Christmas tree towered over the presents for our children, big and little children who’d be excited about unwrapping and also about giving gifts of their own. There would be lots of conversation and laughter in that room. I prayed for gentleness and joy to fuel each one. 

Heading into the bedrooms, I prayed for deep rest and quiet little children throughout the nights. I prayed over private conversations and Bible reading in these little retreat spots away from crowded family celebrations. 

From that great supernatural and spiritual position of limitless power in Christ Jesus, I then banned the enemy from my home, especially during the holidays when he tries to turn our hearts from the joy that is ours in Jesus.                            

That prayer adventure marked a turning point for me in approaching the busy holiday season. With growing families, this year I know new ways to pray as I take my annual prayer stroll through my home. I smile thinking about how God displayed His Glory with that first prayer trek years ago. This Christmas will be better than ever, because God is faithful to honor the prayers of His kids. 

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.” (1 John 5:14 NIV) 

(And, I know that a happy peaceful home is His will!)