Christian leaders issue a public call for peace

More than 50 Christian pastors, authors and denominational leaders across the country have come together to support a document last month titled, “A Public Call to Protect All People” in the wake of several claims of “threatening messages” received after the November presidential election.

The Call invites churches to protect individuals “targeted, discriminated against or singled out for state-sponsored/sanctioned violence,” to support “practices of diplomacy and negotiations” in foreign policy, to serve as a “servant of the people amid changes in climate,” and to seek “relationships of solidarity” that reach “across lines of creed, class, ethnicity, race, and party preference.”

Jason Boone of the Peace and Justice Support Network of the Mennonite Church USA states, “It’s a time of anxiety and uncertainty for many, but it’s also an opportunity for followers of Jesus to refocus on living out the love and peacemaking he taught and modeled.”

Organizer John K. Stone, founder of Every Church a Peace Church, called the Gospel “intensely political without ever being narrowly partisan.” He states that the document simply asks churches to “put themselves on the line for the vulnerable, for foreign policy seeking peace, and for a just economic order.”

Copies of the Call and an implementation guide can be found at