Be the you God created

Have you ever been in a rut? Your mind tells you you’re in a rut; your body or health reflects it and your spirit feels disconnected from what you think could be and what is. You tell yourself that tomorrow will be better, but tomorrow comes and it’s the same. There is a reason for what you are experiencing.

God created us as complete human beings having a synergistic relationship among our body, mind, and spirit. When one of these attributes is neglected, it effects the other two and the quality of the life we are living. Over time, the complete person we were created to be is not who we are and we know it. We think, “the rut” in which we find ourselves is our lot in life. But it’s NOT!

So how do we begin the journey of bringing our body, mind, and spirit back into balance? Consider incorporating the following into your daily life:

1. Identify what area(s) you tend to ignore. Ask God to help you develop that area to bring a balance into your life.

2. Be grateful. Placing a focus on the positive impacts everything we do.

3. Breathe deeply. Take time to feel the air going in and out. Deep breaths cleanse and relax us.

4. Find your passion and do things that reinforce it. Don’t just dream about it; engage in it.

5. Exercise. Find something you enjoy doing that exercises your body physically. Make exercise a regular habit.

6. Get enough sleep. Our bodies heal and regenerate while we sleep. Adequate sleep helps us to participate fully in the next day.

7. Go outdoors. Look around. Feel the grass (or sand) beneath your feet. Observe the sky. Take it all in.

8. Spend time with people you love and/or enjoy. Laugh. Make plans. Encourage one another. All of these boost our self-thoughts.

9. Smile more. When you share a smile and others smile at you, there’s a positive energy that flows.

10. Finally (most importantly), spend time with God. Set aside daily time to read scripture, pray and be still with God. This brings life into focus and can bring hope and peace and joy.

What we focus on each day helps to determine the depths of our ruts. As the proper balance comes into our lives, the ruts we have created begin to fill in and support one another. Enjoy the journey while you become well balanced in body, mind and spirit.