“Accidental” evangelism

I want to encourage you to give this newspaper away after you’re finished reading it. It will bring forth plentiful fruit in the Kingdom of Heaven. I was in a waiting room reading The Journey Newspaper and,”accidentally” left it there. I didn’t think anything about it until one of the medical professionals (we’ll call her Sue) showed up at one of our synagogues. She told me that she worked in the home healthcare field and was working with an elderly Jewish holocaust survivor (we’ll call him Lou). I asked her how she heard about us and she told me that she had found a Journey newspaper in the waiting room and read through it. We connected the dots and chuckled about how awesome our Creator is and then it dawned on me. Have you ever noticed that in some waiting rooms there are magazines that are months or even years old? How many people in those waiting areas look through the same magazine day after day?

I began to purposely leave the Journey in waiting rooms that I would frequent. I always ask whoever is in charge of the lobby if it is ok to leave the paper. So far, they have always said yes. I have sort of a regular route of people and places that I visit to personally deliver their newspaper.

I prayed for Lou daily and Sue kept me updated on his condition. One day Sue called me to let me know that Lou was in the hospital. It just so happened that there was an M.K. (Member of Knesset the Israeli version of the U. S. Congress) visiting in the area so I asked Sue if she would ask Lou if he wanted us to stop by and he said he wanted us to.

As we prayed, you could see the joy on his face and Lou later told me that was one of the high points of his life. The next day’s visit was nice, but had an edge of sadness to it. I got to meet some of his family and we were able to spend a few minutes alone. He told me that he was going to be released from the hospital because he wanted to pass away at home. We prayed and he accepted the gift of eternal life by the blood of Yeshua (Jesus). I asked him if I could visit with him at home and he agreed. I had a chance to visit him and his family at his home a couple of days later. The day after my home visit he passed away at home peacefully with a house full of family.