A repentant God?

Genesis 6 describes an unimaginable thought, that God, the almighty creator (and eventual destroyer) of the world grieved, not for man trials, but for man’s very creation and for man’s evil. At that day, the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was evil, continually. I have been teaching Tactical Training (including active shooter) to police officers, churches and others for 30 years and preaching the Gospel for a decade. When a man climbs 32 floors in Las Vegas or walks through the doors of a Bible study in Charleston, SC or walks through the door of an elementary school in Newtown, PA or lays atop a parking deck killing heroes in Dallas with mass murder on their demented brain, God may again be repentant.

2 Timothy states we will know the end is near when young people revolt against parents (in the news daily), when we are unthankful (can you say NFL), when we become false accusers (everyone with the wrong opinion is a racist or a something-phoebe), when we lose our natural affection (same sex marriage and restroom chaos), or when we actually despise anyone good. Satan’s hammer in Vegas, his sword in Charleston, and his spear in Newton beat and hack at anything decent in our society. Angels watch. They’ve seen this before. When man hated man, killed man and despised God, Moses recorded that these days would return. Accompanied not alongside by partisan solutions of politicians, cutting edge tactics by law enforcement or even professional training and consulting (like I do). No, Noah’s days returning will not go unnoticed by a sovereign God, nor will they come unaccompanied by the return of the Son of man-King, Warrior, Judge, JESUS CHRIST! Next, the judgement (Hebrews 9:27).

No, we won’t legislate our behavior or God’s grace, nor will we simply remove the method of killing. It’s the motive. While we should be fearing not and realizing that our safety rests not in politicians, laws or even hero cops, but in our own acceptance of and willingness to prepare for and confront the wicked among us. Some will be wasting not the crisis to advance an ideology that falls flat in protecting our rights and freedoms. The puppet master knows we will fight and be divided and ignore his minion figure as it climbs another stairwell, enters another school and Americas Great Shell Game continues.