Winning the culture war on marriage

“You may now kiss the bride.” “And they lived happily ever after.” From the first day we exchange vows of love, our hopes and dreams for a “happily ever after” find their way into our ...

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5 ways to love like Jesus

February characteristically brings with it two reoccurring themes: wintery weather and valentines. When it comes to wintery weather, I say bundle up, spring is just around the corner, and seek to see the beauty of this season, ...

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Inspired by love

You can criticize her—especially if you are not Catholic. You can be challenged by her—especially if you are compassionate. But who will dare to imitate the late Mother Teresa, the missionary nun who dedicated her life to caring for the poor? She was born into a Kosovar ...

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5 misconceptions about homosexuality

The caller identified himself as a Christian but promised to “straighten me out” on what the Bible says about homosexuality. The conversation took place on a live broadcast of my radio program after I had expressed that Scripture does, in…

He knows your name

At a recent worship conference, I enjoyed the company of a lot of younger worship leaders and song writers. It was a good time of worship, and the Word that was shared was rich….

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Let love lead

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31 NKJV). The apostle Paul lived in a worldly reality where it took courage…

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